We respect your integrity. We on Kapitel 8 is responsible for managing your data. We are actively working for you to have the best experience of our products.

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In a time of infinite choices, the simple options suddenly seem more attractive. Maybe most is no longer best. To take a deep breath and allow your senses to reflect becomes a most powerful tool. Do you need 5 different types of milk with the coffee? Should we give every customer at our venues a new plastic pen? Do you need a new notebook every time you take a seat? Is meat a given option on the menu every day? At Kapitel 8 our stance to these questions are, from now on, the following.

We will offer fewer but better choices. We will only take conscious decisions. And we will focus merely on what really makes a difference to the guest.

We fully believe our new way of working can inspire you to a more responsible business attitude. We believe (and hope) that this new way will also make us feel better at work, be a better client to our suppliers, and most importantly to be even better at taking care of our guests. We see this as the beginning of a new chapter. Maybe the eight. Welcome to us.